Biography All about us, just in case you're interested!
Daniel Lynds
Fred Robinson
Sundi Richard
Roman Tarasov
The Band 
Fred, Dan and Sundi met in Czech language classes at Charles' University in Prague. We struggled with learning Czech but not with becoming friends. We found Jessi, then Adriel, then Roman as drummers. You can hear Roman on 'The LP' apart from 'Petra' which was played by our current drummer, Rocky. You can also hear Rocky on the new single 'Atlas Shrugs'.
Our first gig was in March 2007 and our most recent was May 2016. We have a rock/pop/indie thing going on with Daniel leading with his love-it-or-hate-it vocal style. We've been called a random sounding mix tape because our styles are too diverse to fit into only one tiny jar. @GlassPocketBand
Born in doldrums, raised on breadcrumbs, and learned through eardrums, Dan enjoys the simple things in life: reading po-po-mo, entertaining comas, and eating root canals. Although he once dressed as Ace Frehley as a child, his dramatic range really is more expansive than that. Really. It is. Honest. If he could impart one message through his “singing” and guitar 'playing' it would be simple: Please don’t feed the humans - they don’t deserve it.

Fred taunts stuff; people, structures, and feelings mostly. Focused on focusing on stuff, Fred can usually tell you what day you were born on, although he is not always certain of the current day of the week. Fred plays a pink guitar and just doesn't care because the strings are nice and bendy. And sometimes sounds he likes emerge from said pink guitar. Fred doesn't take enough pictures (yes, he is skilled with the camera) since he is immersed in "standing there like a small beer". He's still never been on a combine harvester. But he will ... one day. @PragueFred
As the daughter of a former monk and former nun, Sundi believes in stuff that most people don’t believe in, like Bunuel films, giant cilantro, fuzzy cameras, and cello shaped birthday cakes. An avid reader, writer, and arithmeticker, her spare time does not exist and she only exists with adequate amounts of wine and sleep. She is your worst nightmare, if your worst nightmare were sweet and empathically spastic. And that nightmare busted out funky, cool bass lines. @sundilu
 Our current drummer. Along with many people of his age, Rocky was born in what is popularly known as the last century, though in fact it's the previous century. He was educated at schools that were very much, and still are, the schools that he went to. He wanted to be a bus driver, but failed spectacularly. Which brings us to now, over half a century later. He's almost grown up, he very much enjoys playing his instrument of choice, but still wants to be a bus driver. His favourite colour is blue, favourite shoes size is 8 1/2, favourite constellation is Orion. If he could be in The Saturdays he'd die a happy man. Rocky lives up to his name by holding his sticks the rocky way! @rockyrockfish
Roman Known for adding crazy little filling things that you hardly notice but are clearly there, Roman drums like he talks; clearly and in many accents. Also known for holding his sticks funny, being mysterious, hilarious, and charming, Roman has great stories of being stuck in odd places, with odd people, under odd auspices. He is the answer to questions you haven't even thought of yet. 

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